Will Insure You

Insurance Reimagined


Will Insure You provides coverage consultation services to help discover any possible exposures both for you and your business. With over 10 years experience, we know exactly what insurance products you need to cover all potential risks and hazards. 


Examples of possible exposures needing special coverage:

•  Storing Client Information

•  Credit Card or ACH Processing

• Online Platforms  & Mobile Applications

• Allowing Employees to Drive Personal Vehicles

• Offering Services Outside of Normal Business Operations

• Utilizing 1099 Employees Without Workers Compensation

• Transporting Clients and/or Property

• Working with Hazardous Materials or Chemicals

* Using volunteers

* Special Events  

• Selling or Repackaging Products

• Performing Work Over 15 Feet or Under 10 Feet

• Providing Any Professional Service or Consultation

• Working with Certain Equipment or Machinery

• Driving for Uber or Lyft

• Renting On Air B&B

• Operating Drones


Your business may be operating with any number of coverage gaps. The truth is 9 out of 10 insureds will never read their policy contract and more than half will never review their renewal terms to ensure any changes have been endorsed. 

Once coverage has been written, we offer all clients policy review services including sending renewal notices asking to report any changes to your business. These are offered at absolutely $0 cost. 


Please head over to our Coverage page to see what types of coverage we specialize in!