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Will Manderscheid, CLCS

Consultant // Broker // Account Manager

Born in Santa Monica in 1985, Will is a second generation agent who comes from a family of insurance professionals. Both of his parents owned and operated very prosperous agencies in the West Los Angeles & Culver City areas. As a young teenager, Will began to help his parents in their agencies starting off with filing and data entry. When he was old enough, he went to school and acquired his insurance license. Since that time, he has grown and learned all of the fundamentals behind helping families and businesses help plan for the future and protect them against the unforeseen. Will has over 10 years experience with many insurance and financial products and over the years has adapted to the evolving world and its need for the right protection. 

Will began working at the Griswold & Griswold Insurance Agency March, 2015 and is focused to  use all of their resources and his own to help insure the people and businesses of today's modern world. He holds nationally regarded accreditation’s in the field of commercial coverage specialist.

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* Will featured for speaking at the Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber event "Money Matters for Business" regarding risk management March, 2016

*Will featured for speaking at the Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber event "Money Matters for Business" regarding risk management March, 2016

Griswold & Griswold Insurance Agency

Our insurance brokerage, founded in 1948, specializes in business and professional services insurance including medical/dental practices, veterinary practices, banking and financial companies, nonprofits, associations, and entertainment production studios. We also provide industry-specific policies such as professional liability, commercial property and auto, as well as worker’s compensation and employee group benefits.

As a family-owned company, our guiding principles of social and professional responsibility have made us models in our community and industry. Since a significant number of our clients are nonprofit corporations, it is our policy to give back to these organizations in the form of sponsorship, event participation, or donations. Our principals also serve on a number of boards and associations for organizations dedicated to children’s health, literacy and education, conservation, and animal protection.

From charitable contributions to hands-on volunteerism, we believe in making the largest possible community impact while leaving the smallest possible footprint. On March 14, 2013, we became a Certified B Corporation to reflect our company’s ethical values. We are also certified as a Green Business by Green America and has earned numerous awards from civic and professional organizations. 

Both Will and Steven are Vegan and proudly serve the Vegan Community. In 2017, Steven founded V.A.P.I. - Vegan and Animal Professionals Insurance Agency.